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Eji's Website Brock-O-Rama
You Know You Like Brock Too Much When...
These were sent in by viewers like you!   To add yours, email me.
- You think that Lisa Simpson should stop copying Brock's hairstyle
- You've watched either "Showdown in Pewter City" or "Pokemon Fashion Flash" (the episode with Vulpix) more than four times
- You know the episodes I'm talking about without my explaining them
- You look at all the guys you know and start looking to see if one of them faintly resembles Brock
- You look at all the guys you know and start trying to make them resemble Brock
- You start thinking perhaps orange and green aren't such fashion don'ts
- You get really close to the t.v. screen when he makes an extreme face, hoping to see him open his eyes ever so slightly
- You doubt if Ash really should be the leader of the trio
- You record Pokemon episodes and fast forward the tape to all the parts where Brock says something
- You look for sites like these on the internet
- You burn the Pause button because you aways Pause when he is in his best pose.
- You think every time he blushes is because he sees you
- You use one of his many pick-up lines to get a date.
my god! it's new! New entries:
- You try to walk around with your eyes squinted all the time
- If pokémon were real, you would want to be the leader of the Pewter City Gym
- You send in things for the "YKYLBTMW..." list
- When he blushes, YOU blush!
- You plan out the deaths of Nurse Joy, GiseIIe, that one woman aboard the St. Anne...anyone he's ever went nuts over. After all, he is YOURS!
- You insist you boyfrind cut his hair spiky, and get a cargo vest NOW!
- You watch "Showdown in Pewter CIty" ten times over, because you love a family man.
- Heck, he's a guy who can cook, clean, and look good an an apron. Why not be
- Your family takes you to therapy, because of your.."problem"
- You made a doll just like the Brock-doll in Haunter v. Kadabra
- You made your own BoulderBadge pin
- You legally changed your phone number to 825-3744 (TAK-ESHI) or moved to the house connected to that number
- Every time you draw Brock, you do a drawing of yourself close to him.
- You talk about Brock so much your boyfriend gets jealous.
- You yell at people when you find out they don't like Brock.
- You search through all the episodes to see if there is a person who looks remotely like Brock
- When your professor asked you to write a narrative about something of great interest to you, you summed - it up in one word: Brock.
- You make a chart with the similarities between Brock and yourself
- You cried when Brock left in "Pokéball Peril" and yelled obscenities at the television when Tracy ATTEMPTED to "take his place" in "The Lost Lapras".

Remember, even one "yes" answer means you're hooked on Brock!   But don't worry, because who isn't?