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Brock Vs. Ash-- Who's the better trainer?

"You child.  You need your mommy to help you out?  You'll never beat me!"

Onix kicks Pikachu's.. er, posterior

Who's the best trainer?

"Child?!  I'll show you, you gym leader know-it-all!!"

A heated debate for real Poké-fanatics, just who IS the better trainer?  Ash, or Brock?  This page will deal with analyzing both trainers, their pokemon, and also their strategies.
Pokemon Owned
(I'm only including pokemon that they actually use, not ones that are kept with Professor Oak):
Brock currently owns
Ash currently owns
Ok, so Ash has more pokemon.  That doesn't, however, give him the automatic advantage.  In this situation, it's important to remember that quality is more important over quantity.  Ash does have more pokemon, but he lacks the knowledge to use them effectively.  See Strategies for details.
Water Pokemon:
Most people will assume right away that Brock is at a disadvantage because the majority of his pokemon are weak against Ash's Squirtle.  This might be true, but remember that he does have a Zubat, which is relatively neutral to water attacks.  If Zubat uses supersonic against Squirtle and confuses it, the other pokemon can successfellu defeat it.  Without Zubat's attacks, however, Ash might win.
Advantage:  Ash
Rock Pokemon:
Brock's rock pokemon have a clear advantage here, hands down.  If Squirtle is defeated, the game will definitely go to Brock.  Both Onix and Geodude are strong against Pikachu, Pidgeotto, and Charmeleon (electric attacks don't even hurt rock pokemon!).  That's three of Ash's pokemon gone right there.  The only problem that could arise might be Bulbasaur, since plant is strong against rock.  Then again, Vulpix would come in handy for that.  The final outcome's odds, however, are in Brock's favor.
Advantage:  Brock
Fire Pokemon:
Both Brock and Ash have fire pokemon, so each other's attacks would have little effect.  Brock's rock pokemon could defeat Charizard, but Ash's Squirtle could also defeat Vulpix.  There's a lot of different ways the battle could go, but in this case, they both seem to have an even chance.
Advantage:  Tied
Plant Pokemon:
Ash has a Bulbasaur, whereas Brock has no plant pokemon.  His Vulpix, however, could put out Bulbasaur rather quickly, but if we go down the chain reaction of events, Squirtle could defeat Vulpix, and then Zubat could get Squirtle.  To be fair to Ash fans, I'll call this one a draw.
Advantage:  Tied
Electric Pokemon:
Of course, Ash has his Pikachu, but in this battle, Pikachu woud be next to useless against Brock's rock pokemon, since they cannot be injured by eletricity at all (play the game if you don't believe me!).  Since Brock has no water pokemon, he has no weaknesses in this area.
Advantage:  Brock
Flying Pokemon:
Ash will regret the day he got Pidgeotto when he uses it against Brock!  As is known by all Pokemon trainers (like myself), flying pokemon are wimps against rock pokemon.  A good rock throw or other rock attack will put out Pidgeotto... for good.    No contest here.
Advantage:  Brock
Overall outcome:
Brock wins the match. (Reminds me of that "Showdown in Pewter City" episode all over again!  er... without the sprinkler system, though ^_^;)
Trainer Comparisons
As someone once said, "a pokemon is only as good as his trainer."  So, look at the personality comparisons below to decide for yourself who the better trainer is.



-- cares for his pokemon
-- cares too much for his pokemon
-- is ambitious
-- enters challenges and dangers without thinking
-- Is a gym leader (gains elevated status/experience)
-- can sometimes get easily distracted
--bonds with his pokemon
-- can sometimes get easily distracted
-- is an experienced trainer
-- isn't an experienced trainer (i.e., Charizard won't listen to him)
-- thinks carefully about strategy during battles
Last, but not least is a comparison of each trainer's strategies in given situations.



-- tends to use defensive attacks as opposed to offense first. -- uses aggressive offense attacks first.
-- relies heavily on strategy and knowledge of pokemon types  (good!!) -- relies mostly on luck, and has little knowledge of pokemon type strategy.  A good example is when he used Pidgeotto against Geodude (bad!!!) and Pikachu against Onix (augh!! bad bad!!)
-- mixes up attacks to confuse enemy and keep things unpredictable -- uses same moves over and over  (thundershock, thundershock, thundershcok...)
Overall analyzation:  
Brock wins!
Brock is the better trainer

Did you really think it would turn out any differently?  He's just more experienced, older, and more Pokemon-educated than Ash is.  But hopefully, Ash will get better in time!

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