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What if Brock

... was Mitsukake?

Brock as Mitsukake? ohhhhh yeah...

:: NOTES ::

Mitsukake... for some reason, I liked him the best out of the Fushigi Yuugi boys first.  Ehh, so what if Hotohori really grew on me and I loved Tamahome's silliness at times?  Overall, I really felt for Mitsukake, and I was pissed that he never got enough screen time.  *cough* But anyway, he seemed like the perfect choice for a What If, and I think it worked well.  Adding Tama-neko was a bit of an afterthought, but I'm glad I did, cuz that cat's just too darn cuuuute! ^___^    The weird, large variety of colors made this particular piece the longest to complete, but it's also my favorite of the four Fushigi Yuugi What Ifs.   I made the pose a bit goofy since Mitsukake's poses tend to be so stern and serious, and we all know Brocky's so light hearted.... ^_^;