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Trent and Brock

Who knew?

Have you ever wondered why Trent from MTV's Daria and Brock seem so... similar?  If you haven't, then you're probably wondering how the hell a person like me could even see similarities between them.   Well, I have some ideas, as well as an interesting theory as to how they could be related!

Trent Lane
Physical Similarities
- Spiky, unkempt hair
- Squinty eyes
- Long legs
- both aren't the main character in their shows
Mental Similarities
- kind
- easygoing attitude
- both have strong interests in the things they love  (i.e. pokemon breeding, music)


Brock... Lane?
In order for this to work, picture this story:

Flint, Brock's father, had been married to the Lane mother (I don't know her name), who was his first wife.  With her, they had six children:  Jane's three sisters, Trent, Jane, and lastly, Brock.  About ten or so years after Brock was born, Flint divorced the Lane mother, and moved to Pewter City, where he met his second wife, who became the mother of Brock's ten young brothers and sisters (but that means they're really half-siblings, aren't they ^_^).  The Lane children held some animosity towards Flint for divorcing their mother, but she remarried, and some of it was forgotten.  A while later, Brock decided to go visit his father in Pewter City.   There, he got along very well with his half-siblings and formed a close bond with their mother.  Unfortunately, Flint, the deadbeat that he was, decided to begin trying to become a Pokemon trainer.  Leaving home for long periods of time, the mother was left at home with all the children.  Realizing he was needed, Brock decided to stay a while longer to help her out.  When she died (for reasons unexplained), Brock was so heartbroken that he chose to stay in Pewter City, rather than return to the Lane home, because there was no one else to look after his ten brothers and sisters.  (If you remember from the "Showdown in Pewter City" episode, at this point Flint refused to come back home, ashamed that he was a failure as a trainer.)   While he was in Pewter City, he excelled in Pokemon theory and strategy, and became the gym leader for that city.  Planting strong roots in that town, he realized that he would probably never visit his original home again...  The Lanes, mistakenly thinking that Brock went to Pewter City and stayed there because he sided with the father, went about their usual ways and to this day have almost disavowed all knowledge of both Brock and their father.  (*sniff*, sad, isn't it?)

Why this theory works

According to my theory, there are no holes in this plot for it not to work.  The reason why neither brother mentions the other one is because they both mistakenly think that each has sided with their own respective parent.  That explains why Trent never mentioned Brock or his father, and why Brock never mentioned Trent or his first mother.  Also, they never say what exactly Brock's last name is, so it could very well be Lane.  By having Flint being married twice explains why Brock is seen only with one set of siblings on the show, and fits with my theory that Flint's a, *ahem* busy man (I mean, c'mon, ten brother and sisters??).

Why this theory doesn't work

The only reason why this doesn't work is because, obviously, these are two different shows.  No one (except me, of course) ever envisioned such a cross-over theory, nor will they ever.  This means that, no matter how well my theory is explained, it's still just that-- a theory.  It makes for some excellent reading though, don't you think? ^_^

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