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Brock Goods!

You probably thought it was impossible, but there are Brock toys out there, somewhere.  The only problem is that they're Japanese!  But hey, Brock is Brock, right?  This page will show you the available Brock goods that I have found while searching the internet, as well as how to find them, and how much they cost.   The companies that sell them are also listed at the bottom of the page, with information about each one.  Check back here often, to see if I've found more Brock stuff!

New!  New stuff as well as new stores and purchasing advice have been added this time around.  Remember, you can trust my advice, because I have personally purchased items from these stores!  Now, there are 3 categories: Advice, Merchandise, and Stores.  Please read each one before making a buying decision!


--Advice before you shop:

1. Shop around.  Don't order the first thing you see, no matter how tempting it is, and likewise, don't bid on an auction item as soon as you see it.  In many cases, you can probably find a cheaper version of it somewhere else.  Also, use price knowledge like that to your advantage in auction bidding.  If you know the real price of an item, you can bid on the identical item in an online auction house for less than the actual price.   I have saved a lot of money that way.

2. Learn about Money Orders. In the world of online purchasing, money orders will become your best friend.  In many cases, people will only accept money orders.  Cash is a scary no-no, since it could be stolen (and I do think it's illegal to send via mail), and checks aren't desirable, since most people require a lengthy 10 day check-clearing period.   So, instead, buy bank money orders, or post office money orders.  And especially remember that most places located in Japan require international money orders.  These are pink and can be purchased at your nearby post office.

3. Save all receipts and proof of ordering. Save everything you get until you receive your package.  That means, don't delete your confirmation emails you receive after ordering, and don't throw out the carbon copies of the money orders until you've gotten the item.  You'll never know when these things will be needed if a problem arises, so hang onto them.

4. Lastly, don't blame me.  This section is to help you, the Brock fan, acquire more Brock merchandise, but if a transaction doesn't work out, or something goes wrong, deal with the company, not me.  I have bought things from these places, but I cannot vouch for their service 100%.  I am only saying that my interactions with them were either positive or negative.  For a better idea of each site, look at the site comments at the end of the page.  


Click on the image to see a close-up version of it!

---Brock 3-pin Set---

Brock Pin

Description: These are super-rare and super cool!  This is a 3-pin set consisting of three plastic/metal pins, each about 1 or 1.5" in diameter.  The pins you get are: Brock in his Nibi Gym shirt, Vulpix, and a boulder badge.  Click on the image to see the complete set.  This is a must for a serious fan.

Price:  $15.00 for the set, not including shipping.  The final price will be around $18.

Where to find it:  The only place that carries this is .

---Brock, Ash, and Misty mini 3 figure set---
3 figure set Description: If you're a Brock fan, then you won't be buying this for the Ash and Misty figures.  These are tiny figurines that are used in the mini playsets (that look like those old Mighty Max sets... remember those?).  If you're a Brock collector (like me), you'll buy this regardless of the fact that they're so damn small!

Price:  $15.00 for the set, not including shipping.  The final price will be around $18.   Or, if you're feeling lucky, try   I won it for $12.00 there.

Where to find it:  The only place that carries this is

---Brock and Nurse Joy 6" Action Figures---
Brock and Joy Action Figures! Description: These are six inch tall tough plastic action figures from the cartoon.  Hmm... interesting that Brock is paired up with Joy, isn't it?  I don't think they're poseable, but they make great collector's items.  Made by TOMY.

Price:  The best price I've seen these things go for is $28.00, but I was able to find a cheaper one at for $25 You need to include shipping, though, so it will end up being about $37.00 total, approximately.

Where to find it:  There are a few places that sell it, but the cheapest place to go is

---Pokemon CharaKids--  Brock 2" figurine---
Pokemon Kid Brock Description:  This is a small SD (super-deformed) Brock.  Made of plastic, and standing close to 2" high.  It comes with a small packet of Japanese candy.  This is one figure of a set of 9, including Oak, Ash, Misty, etc etc. (but who wants those?).

Price:  At, you could get it for $4 or less, depending on how good you are at bidding strategy.  If you don't want to bid, then you can usually get it for $4 elsewhere.

Where to find it:  There are two places to get this.   If you want the entire set of human characters, has them for $29.99 including a duplicate Ash figure, for a total of 10 figures, including shipping and handling.  If all you want is Brock, sells them for $4 each, not including shipping and handling.

---Japanese Pokemon Card Game-- Brock Starter Deck---
Takeshi Cards Description:  This is from the special Gym Leader series of the Japanese Pokemon card game.  This is Brock's own Starter Deck, complete with trainer and rock pokemon cards.  A bit like Magic: The Gathering, but in Japanese and about Pokemon.  The deck consists of 64 cards and a boulder badge (I think?).

Price: $17.95, and that includes shipping and handling.

Where to find it:  The only place I found that sells this is

---Japanese Pokemon Card Game-- Gym Leader booster packs---
Booster Pack Description:  These are the add-on packs to the Pokemon card game.  Each booster pack consists of 10 cards.  The only problem with this is that there are 4 gym leaders in this card game, so you'll probably end up getting more Misty cards instead of Brock cards (like I did... ARGH!).  If you really want the card game, I suggest you get Brock's Starter Deck instead  (it's cheaper that way!).

Price: $4.95 per pack, including shipping. 

Where to find it:


That's all the merchandise I could find, but that doesn't mean that those items are all that there are.  Try searching the internet too, and you may find some that haven't been mentioned here.  Here are the sites that sell or offer Pokemon and Brock goods that I have personally bought merchandise from.  If you have never bought from these places, or you have never online-shopped before, READ MY ADVICE!  It will be a large help.

EJI'S BAD ONLINE SITES:  avoid this site like the plague! -- Yack yack yack, discounts, "low prices", whatever.  For a site that claims to be one of the best online anime stores, I was sorely disappointed in their service.  All of the other sites I have been to have mentioned whether the merchandise they sell is in stock or not, but this site doesn't!!!  I ordered a wall scroll from them in the beginning of April, and I still haven't received it, even after paying TEN BUCKS for Second Day delivery!!!  Their reasoning for it?  They said they were out of stock for the item and that it would take several weeks to get more!  Now, why the hell would I pay so much for Second Day delivery if I won't get it until sometime next year?!?! (*sarcasm*)  The least they could have done was list whether their items were available or not.  Not doing so was very disrespectful of them.  They've lost me as a customer.  Location of Business:  who cares? (Florida)

EJI'S GOOD ONLINE SITES:  full throttle to these choice sites!   Has Bean! -- Formerly called, this place has gotten a bit better in its pokemon toy pricing, although some things are still more pricey (like the manga based off of the anime).  But still, it's the only place I've seen so far that sells the Brock Starter Deck, so it all depends on how badly you want it.   Location of Business: Japan

Eji's advice for   Nice service from this place, just be sure that it has the best price for the item you want, too. -- Go here to get everything that you can't find from the places above.  Featuring the Brock pins, mini 3 figure set, and a nice variety of other things, this place is a nice one to go to.  Their service is very personal, and it a pleasure to do business with them.  The prices are reasonable, too.  Location of Business:  Texas

Eji's advice for   This place is pretty reliable, just make sure to email them with questions about orders before you finalize anything.  It'll be much easier that way. ^_^  -- This is an online auction house.  You can only bid on items if you register to be a user, but registering is free, so why not?  If all is lost, and you can't find your item somewhere else, or you don't like the prices, try this site.  Prices can be good, and you can sometimes find stuff here that can't be found anywhere else, like the SD Brock kid figure shown above.  The items are constantly changing on eBay, so sometimes there'll be a Brock item, and sometimes there won't.  Right now, I think there's a Brock figure you can bid on, as well as the SD figurine.  To search specifically for BROCK goods on eBay, click the link below.  Location of Business:  Varies

Search for Brock merchandise on

Eji's advice for ebay.comBidding wars can get crazy, but don't get sucked into them.  Remember, most times, an item will reappear again, so don't fret too much if you lose a bid.  Most importantly, check the feedback on sellers.  If they have any negative feedback from buyers, beware!!!  Purchasing from positive-feedback sellers is definitely the way to go. -- This place has the cheapest price for the Brock and Joy action figures-- $28!   Check out the other stuff they have, too!  I didn't purchase my own figures from this place, but I know people who have, and they seem quite satisfied.  Location of Business:  ???

Eji's advice for   None available.