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Eji's Website Brock-O-Rama
Brock Artwork
Some say that, in art, being interested in your subject makes your images come alive.  Well, in this case, I hope that is true!  I've had a lot of practice drawing Brock, and the fruits of my labor are below.  Enjoy them, but do not copy them to use on your websites without asking my permission first.  I spent a lot of time on these pictures, and I would not appreciate theft of them.
B/W Sketches:
Looking up at the sky
Hangin' Loose in swim trunks!
Summer means...  Waaaah!

~ Older Stuff ~
"A day at the beach"  (makes a cute Windows Background)
Brock the master chef!
Brock throws a pokeball
Baby Brock crying
Baby Brock holding a pokeball
Brock in Akuma's pose
Other Characters
Todd taking a snapshot
An older Todd?
James is bored
from the Brock and Trent section
Brock and Trent
from the fan-fic
waking from the nightmare
tossing and turning
Brock blushes!
Brock gets a really big headache

Want more art?  Then check out the what if? section!