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What if Brock

... was Tamahome?


:: NOTES ::

Ah, Tamahome... now this was the first Fushigi Yuugi guy I attempted to Brockify.  The reason?  Well, I had read somewhere that Brock's family was sort of an inside joke made in reference to Tamahome's siblings!  The scene in "Showdown in Pewter (Nivi) City" where Ash is held back by Brock's brothers and sisters was actually mimicking the scene from Fushigi Yuugi where Tamahome's brothers and sisters hold back Suboshi from killing Tamahome.  Hmm.... siblings in both series protecting their big brothers from being dealt the final blow.... does that mean someone responsible for Pokemon thinks Brock is Pokemon's Tamahome?  Hehe, I'd bet Brock would become even more popular if everyone knew about that!
Anyway, in reference to this particular picture, I was satisfied with it, but for some reason it also reminds me of Nuriko... must be something about the curve of the eyes... ah well, I'm hoping it still looks enough like Tamahome to everyone else! ^_^;