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Eji's Website Brock-O-Rama
Get to know the Creator of Brock-O-Rama!

Eji and the doll
Brock no Miko or Takeshi no Miko
--What does it mean?--
A "miko" is a type of "priestess," "shrine maiden" etc.   So Brock no Miko means I'm Brock's priestess, or the Priestess of Brock.  Whichever.   It really means I'm just the Brock webmaster, but I also interpret it as being Brock's Protector too, since I always defend him from flamers, and I did go to the trouble of making this site. (^_^;)

Ok, I wasn't originally going to make a page like this, but I got emails actually asking for this, so here goes!
Name:   Eji
Age: older than 18 and younger than 21
Sex:  I think that one's pretty obvious
Height: 5' 4"
Jobs on this site: Webmaster, artist, researcher, writer (and while I'm at it, I'd also like to direct!)
My (current) dreams: To be a famous artist/writer, to own the most popular Brock site in existence,  to be the world's greatest Pokemon breeder (er... wait, that one's not mine!)
Favorite Anime: Pokemon, Slayers, Ranma 1/2, Escaflowne
Favorite Video Games: Pokemon, Resident Evil 2, Quest For Glory (yeah!)
Likes:  I like drawing anime, writing creative short stories, making sites like this one, kicking guys' butts at arcade games, rock pokemon, and squinty-eyed spiky haired men (haha!).
Dislikes: THOSE DAMN THIEVES THAT STEAL MY BROCK SITE STUFF!!! YEAH, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!  *ahem*   lecture classes, asparagus, water pokemon, wise-ass know-it-all guys that brag (yeah, you know who you are too!).
"Why Brock?": I get this question a lot.   Out of all the pokemon characters, why him?  Well, for a couple of good reasons:
1.   He's cute!
2.   Gotta love a guy that's polite to ladies (^_^;)
3.   He's so energetic!
4.   He's not immature (like Ash), cranky (like the other Gym Leaders), or gay (like everyone says James is).
5.   I don't know why, but I like the under-represented anime guys.   This also includes:  Roy Fokker (from Robotech) and Ryoga Hibiki (from Ranma 1/2).
6.   He's so funny!   (*sigh*)
Why I am the undisputed BIGGEST Brock fan:  Ok, people are going to argue with me on this one, but I think I have some good evidence to prove that I am the biggest Brock fan in the entire world!!
1.   I recently spent over $150 on Brock-related merchandise (^_^;)
2.   I answered "yes" on more than half of the YKYLBTMW questions
3.  The number of times I have seen "Showdown in Pewter City" is in the double-digits
4.  I am the first, and most likely, only person to make a really large Brock-only website
--  Remember, I like Brock, but I'm not obssesed or anything.  No way.  ^_^